What's the difference between Information Security and Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a buzzword these days. There are many definitions for it. The term appeared sometime around 1994. After all this time, we can't even agree on how to spell it.

Is it cybersecurity? Or cyber-security? Cyber Security? It doesn't really matter. Some people think cybersecurity is the same as Information Security. What's more close to reality is that cybersecurity is a subset of Information Security. On our website and publications, we use both terms, as we find it appropriate.

If this answer doesn't help you, just take an alternative one: the difference doesn't really matter, use these terms as synonyms - as long as you prioritize security of our business.

WIM Security is truly independent consulting firm, what does it actually mean?
It means we're not getting any other profits other than for the service we provide you. Our advice will always be only in your best interest.

How do you increase profits of a business while improving its security?
It's simple, but it not easy. It depends on many factors. The best way to find out is to tell us something about your business, and we will tell you more.

Why should we work with WIM Security?
For the start, check out our Why Us? and About pages.