Do you feel like cybersecurity companies are making security more complex than it is? Your gut’s right, they do.

Business leaders are frequently victims of cybersecurity vendors. Everyone is preying on them: sales people, consultants, “security experts” - who don’t actually know much about security.

While vendors try to trick you into buying their “silver bullet” solutions, many security leaders are delusional about the value of security.

Some “leaders” find security more important than the business itself. Others treat security as an IT problem. Hence their decisions slow down and hurt your business.

Security is there to support business, and help it with growth and profit. That’s it.

If you’re like most business leaders today, you are likely overwhelmed and tired of “experts” and their conflicting advice about how to make your organization secure.

I’m here to help. It’s my responsibility, obligation and privilege to help you gain greater understanding and clarity about security.

Your organization can be more secure in cyberspace with much less effort and resources invested, faster than you can imagine. I’ll be happy to be your partner in helping you get there.

Founder and CEO
WIM Security GmbH