We provide training, coaching and mentioring to various audiences and in various settings. Below are some of the examples.

Security Culture Program
The most comprehensive training we offer. It includes various other trainings listed below. This is a strategic approach to drastically improving your organizational security through building the appropriate security culture for your organization.

Security Awareness Training
Basic and advanced security awareness trainings, performed for general audience (all employees) or specific targeted groups or teams, such as Finance, Legal, HR, etc.

Executive Security Training: Your role in the organization
Training for executives and senior business leaders. It covers the best and worst practices on how to enable, support and develop the security of your organization with the help of your employees.

Executive Security Training: Personal security
This training helps executives and senior business leaders to develop an custom security strategy based on their unique threat model, so they minimize their risks in cyberspace to a minimum.

Security training for Infrastructure Engineers
This training is focused on the engineers who are maintaining your infrastructure, such as Platform Engineering, DevOps, SRE, etc.

Security training for Software Developers
This training is focused on Software Developers and everyone who write and deploys code in your organization. In covers the latest trends and their risks, as well as the best (and worst) security practices.

Security training for Information Security teams
If hired, trained and managed well, the Information Security teams can be one of your most valuable teams in the entire organization. We can help your team achieve such level.

Security training for Information Security Leaders
Hiring a good Information Security professional is very challanging. Hiring a good Information Security leader, who can own security in your organizations, is extremely hard. We can help you avoid charlatans, hire people who can become great Information Security leaders, and train them to lead security the way your organization needs it.