Performing a full holistic security assessment of your organization should be done at least once per year.

One of the most important reasons to do so, is to discover your information security risks and manage them appropriately, so you can improve resilience to cyber threats and prevent the possible catastrophic consequences.

Even if you have a Security team in your company, there are various factors which can make your team’s performance suboptimal.

Your Security Leader and/or Team is likely influenced by:
  • Existing biases which negatively influence rational risk management ("we've always done it this way")
  • Subjectivity in judgment about security decisions due to emotional involvement ("don't force the CMO to install antivirus, he's a good friend")
  • Fear of consequences in internal political battles ("we ignore this big risk introduced by the CFO because he could get us fired")

If you’re serious about securing your organization in cyberspace, then you need an appropriate security strategy. Performing a full holistic security assessment is the first step in building such strategy.