Translated from German, Weniger Ist Mehr means Less Is More. That’s our first operating principle. Hence our name, WIM Security GmbH.

We’re a global boutique Information Security consulting firm, based in Berlin. Our services, approaches and methodologies are unique in many ways.


Our favorite definition for a client is:

“one who comes under your care, protection and guidance.”

This is what you get with us.

We help you stay secure on your business journey by solving current security problems and anticipating and addressing future security risks.

With our truly independent and honest advisory, we’ll guide you through the minefield of information security.

About this website

No cookie-consent, yet we are GDPR compliant. How come? We practice what we preach. Simple, yet effective solutions.

We don’t track you. Our publications are one click away, no sign up is required. We won’t force you to give us your email. We won’t spam you with automated marketing campaigns. This is not how we operate.

We’re here to provide value. Quickly, efficiently, effectively. If you recognize that, get in touch. If you don’t, we wish you good luck!

The Founder & CEO

Jovica Ilic is one of those rare executives who can say he has a deep understanding of Information Technology, Information Security and Human Psychology.

He is very intolerant of people trying to waste his time. He calls out BS and fluff, especially in the Information Security industry, whenever he notices it.

He’s very easy to work with.

He’s an expert in Information Security, consultant, and author of multiple books and publications.