Case Study Overview
Industry Marketing
Location Germany, USA, China, Japan
Challenge As an industry leader, this high growth tech company couldn't get bigger companies as clients, due to high security and compliance requirements.
Solution Build an advanced Information Security Management System from scratch, and acquire the ISO 27001 certification in short time frame.


The CLIENT was a fast growth tech company in Marketing industry, which was trying to become profitable. In a matter of a year, the CLIENT’s senior leaders went from believing that investment in security is not worth, to utilizing security as a secret weapon which helped them become profitable.

At the time, this organization had ~250 employees. Few of the managers were suggesting that ISO 27001 compliance would be helpful, based on their previous experiences. The leadership wasn’t convinced in the investment.

However, once the organization tried to work with bigger clients and close larger deals, the lack of security compliance became a blocker. This was the trigger, and that’s when the organization has contacted us to learn more about the possibilities.

One of the important answers we provided to the CLIENT was the timing factor: the longer the client would postpone with the ISO 27001 project, the more expensive the project would be.


“We had some suboptimal experience with consultants and consulting firms in the past, so we were quite hesitant to hire yet another one to help us with the ISO27K1 project. Luckily, a CTO I trust really recommended WIM Security, so I agreed to give them a chance.” - CEO, Germany.

Aside from bad experience with consultants, the CLIENT was overwhelmed with the amount of options they had when it comes to acquiring the ISO 27001 certificate.

Being careful and smart, they realized all these SaaS platforms for automating compliance were actually introducing even bigger security risks to their organization. Hence they reached out to their trusted partners and clients, when one of them referred the client to us.

We educated the senior leaders on everything they should know to make the right decision. For example, we demonstrated that, in their case, ISO 27001 will not only drastically improve their security, but also reduce existing costs, prevent many losses in the future, and actually drive more sales.

Note: Although this might sound too good to be true, it is possible for almost any organization. The level of success largely depends on your industry, business type, and organization structure, but it's certainly achievable.

The CLIENT was satisfied with the fact that we didn’t charge per time unit. Hence, the project was completed very effectively and efficiently.

“Partnering with WIM Security was entirely different experience from any other consulting firms we’ve been working with in the past. Their service is probably the most expensive in town, but the ROI we actaully got makes it a bargain.” - CEO, Germany.

What do you think about 100:1 ROI for your business? It’s possible. Contact us.